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The committee on Korean Network Operations and Management (KNOM) was founded in January 1996 within the Korean Information and Communications Society (KICS) and focuses various aspects on network operations and management. KNOM actively encourages the exchange of information on the operational and technical management aspects of public and private networks for voice, data, image, and video, and organizes and sponsors publications and discussions of these topics. Specific technical interests include automation of network operations, customer network management and control, knowledge-based technologies, real-time management of networks, and network-operations architectures.

Since its formation, KNOM has provided a focus within KICS for the exchange of ideas among those who plan and use operations, networks, new services, and new communications equipment and network management systems. In addition, a major  goal of KNOM is to offer opportunities for dialog between end-users, providers, and manufacturers in the network operations and management discipline.

KNOM sponsors an annual international symposium, Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management (APNOMS) and domestic KNOM Conference and Tutorials. KNOM publishes KNOM Review bi-annually. KNOM interacts closely with the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) Committee on Network Operations and Management (CNOM).

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